The Problem Called Child Sex Abuse

  • Many people like you are concerned when you hear a child was sexually abused. You hope they receive support and eventually achieve some level of healing.
  • What if hoping is not enough to protect children or promote justice for victims?
  • While there are many agencies that can provide support and counseling to those who are victims of CSA, it is not uncommon for the child victim to not tell anyone about the abuse, to not report the crime to police, to not deal at all with the emotional, social and spiritual impact of CSA until they are adults.
  • As sad and devastating as that is, what is even more concerning is that the perpetrator of the abuse may have committed this crime before yet was never publicly identified or charged with this crime permitting him/her to abuse again and again.

What if there were organizations and institutions that did everything they could to hide the abuse and protect the perpetrator?